A brief history of our Christian Science Society:

Store Front of LSCSS

In May of 2001, three students of Christian Science who lived in the Lafayette Square area of St. Louis, Missouri, decided to begin holding informal Christian Science services in a storefront at 1809 Park Avenue. There were no Christian Science churches on the south side of St. Louis city at that time, so there was a desire to fill this need.

The group met sitting in a circle and just took turns reading the Weekly Bible Lesson from the Christian Science Quarterly aloud to each other on Sundays, and on Wednesday nights took turns preparing some readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, and sharing their testimonies of healing with each other.

Sunday School for children up to the age of 20 began and was held the hour just before the Sunday Service. From that small start, with just 2 or 3 children, the Sunday School has grown and blossomed into a group of more than 20, meeting in the space above our storefront, at the same time as the Sunday Service.

As more people joined our group for these services,original guitar, recorder music from several of the members began to accompany the services.

Solo Committee

This grew into the musical group called the Solo Committee.

Finally there were enough people involved that a decision was made to apply for listing in the Christian Science Journal as a Christian Science Society. Listing was granted in March of 2003 by the Mother Church.

The group found a new storefront to rent at 1819 Park Avenue. That’s where we still meet. The participants all gathered one weekend to paint it and move in. All the activities of the Society are very much like a family. No one is paid and everyone finds a way to contribute as they can. We still meet in a circle and try to keep the functions of church as simple as possible. Now, the Christian Science Society of Lafayette Square continues to grow and find ways to share with our community.


Susan and Jeff share an inspirational solo.

We hope you’ll come and visit us in person. We’re glad you’ve found us!

If you are thinking of joining us we have a very simple application here. Please review our one page bylaws here.